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6 Best Cheap Smartwatch For IPhone 2019

Looking for a Best Cheap Smartwatch For iPhone, thanks to decorating your wardrobe and do a touch Inspector widget role-playing? A smartwatch can be simply the tool you need!
Smartwatches are like mini smartphones that you can wear on your wrist. Smartwatches are capable of playing music, showing time, showing incoming calls and notifications and more. As our list below will show, smartwatches come at varying prices, so you won’t have to go breaking the bank to obtain one.
You can obtain a good smartwatch to boost your look and be the foremost advanced individual among your friends whereas still having some benefit your pocket!

1.Alcatel OneTouch Go Watch Small/Medium – Smart Watch (White/Grey)


This is a sleek, formal watch-style smartwatch you’ll be able to obtain for simply $34. It’s imposingly compatible with all golem smartphones, with partial compatibility with a variety of Apple iPhones from the five to the 8X. This smartwatch is water, dust, and shock immune to carry on along with your busy life. In that regard, we really liked this product.

There are a huge amount of apps available for this smartwatch. It’s great for viewing updates on social media, incoming calls, text messages, email, and so much more. You can also customize the notifications you only see what matters most to you with just a glance at this affordable smartwatch.

2.Yuntab Y1 SmartWatch Touch Screen Support SIM Card with Pedometer Sleep Mode


If you want a smartwatch that looks like, well, a watch, keep reading! Yuntab has created a watch that has such a sophisticated appearance, it will make you want to show it off every chance you get! The Yuntab Y1 Smartwatch is quite simply enticing in look, it also boasts some pretty handy features.

The smartwatch is designed with a 1.54 inch TFT LCD screen. It options a pristine show and trendy silver style. More than that, this smartwatch features a large capacity, 280 mAh battery with a 180-hour standby time and a talk time of 3 hours.

The smartwatch also includes a: Sleep monitor, Heart rate monitor, Bluetooth dialer, anti-loss function, Sedentary reminder, Clock, Pedometer, and Calendar. If you don’t wish to sync your phone with your watch, you can also insert A TF card of up to 32GB into the smartwatch to use it as a phone.

This stunning smartwatch will only set you back $17, which for its looks and functionality is incredible.


3. Aipker Smart Watches with SIM Card Slot Bluetooth Notification (Q18s)


Want a versatile watch that won’t get bored within just a short period of time? Consider this watch by Aipker. The Aipker robot Smartwatch phone incorporates practicality associate degreed affordability to form it an all-round nice smartwatch.

Besides having a flexible style, the Aipker SmartWatch is supplied with several helpful options that customers are absolute to love! The smartwatch is multifunctional, with options such as support for 3D acceleration, inactive reminder, sleep monitoring, Step gauge analysis, anti-loss support, and remote picture taking.

This smartwatch, which has a far off camera, is additionally ready to show incoming calls and text messages–and you’ll be able to create calls with it, too.


4.Willful Smart Watch for iPhone & Android Phones


 There are smartwatches out there that can seamlessly connect to smartphones through Bluetooth but aren’t durable or waterproof. There are also watches that are durable and have waterproof designs but don’t deliver in terms of features. This smartwatch by Willful, however, contains all of those capabilities and more!

The Willful Bluetooth Smartwatch outshines its competitors with its solid, waterproof build and stellar options. This smartwatch has an IP68 waterproof level, meaning it can be worn when you are washing your hands, taking a bath, swimming, or diving underwater.

The watch features An enhanced, durable design with a scratch-resistant HD screen, an ergonomic profile, an aircraft-grade aluminum bezel with a metal coating, and interchangeable wristbands.

The smartwatch is compatible with both iPhone and Android devices via Bluetooth. Due to its Bluetooth feature, the smartwatch is able to make calls, check SMS/text messages, and interact with apps (such as Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, etc.).


5.Amazfit Bip Smartwatch by Huami with All-Day Heart Rate 


Let’s face it; most people hate smartwatches because of the looks. A good majority of smartwatches seem like large sports watches club boys like to wear. The Amazefit Bip Smartwatch is one of the coolest sports smartwatches for people who don’t want to always look like they are on the way to a kegger.

From the showtime, this watch looks just like a regular smartwatch. But you can change the watch face and switch it between the clock and the apps whenever needed. It also comes with a pedometer, which takes fitness measurements as distance traveled, strides, calories burned, etc.

This smartwatch may act as a distant controller for a smartphone. There’s an app that allows the user to remotely take pictures using a smartphone camera. If you are taking a group picture or a selfie using a tripod, there’s no need to set a timer.


6.Ticwatch E most comfortable Smartwatch-Shadow,1.4 inch OLED Display


Ticwatch is a well-known brand for affordable smartwatches. So we have a tendency to had high expectations for this product, that the smartwatch truly met. First off, this is one of the cheapest smartwatches you can buy that won’t break during the first week you wear it. It’s priced low but is durable and reliable.

The look of the smartwatch is definitely worth gushing over too. You can buy it in white, gold, or a combination of gold/white with a gold or white band. All four looks are very stylish and hip. It’s not like the awful, bulky plastic look you get with most smartwatches.

We found the four appearances terribly appropriate for casual wear. Gold is even suitable for semi-formal wear.
As for functionality, you can read emails, get texts, receive notifications of incoming calls, and get calendar updates, among others, on this smartwatch.


Best Cheap Smartwatches For iPhone – Buyer’s Guide

Smartwatches are highly intelligent devices that often have as many (if not the same) amount of capabilities as a smartphone. The area unit several specifications to contemplate once buying a smartwatch. These specifications embrace the build and style, the software system, and interface among other features. In this guide, we break down the important factors to consider when purchasing a smartwatch so that you can select a great product.


One of the most important aspects to consider when purchasing a smartwatch is how it is designed. Whether you are interested in a square or round-shaped watch, consider the size and material of the watch face to determine if it will be a comfortable fit for your wrist. In addition to the watch face, consider the wristband.

Is it velcro or plastic? Rubber or leather? Certain wristbands, like plastic ones, may induce more sweat while a genuine leather wristband may be resistant to sweat. Overall, the attainment of your watch is vital principally for 2 things: comfortability and attractiveness.


When selecting a smartwatch, it is important for it to have a solid and sturdy build and to be well-constructed. Before choosing a smartwatch to ask yourself: Is this smartwatch water-resistant? Sweat-resistant? Dust-resistant? If the smartwatch you’re considering contains none of the 3 things listed, that might be a red flag. A smartwatch should be built to last and not affected by a speck of dust, for example.

It is safe to consider a smartwatch if it not only has at least one of the three aforementioned items, but is also built with high-quality materials such as stainless steel, ceramic, or gorilla glass. Such materials in a smartwatch can ensure the longevity of the product.


One of the most important aspects to consider is a smart watch’s functionality. Does it provide ease of use? Is there a variety of features? This area unit vital inquiries to raise once choosing your smartwatch. Your smartwatch ought to be straightforward enough to navigate through and customize while not providing a lot of problems.

Additionally, your watch should provide you with an attractive yet clear interface, allowing you to toggle through apps and notifications with a swift motion. Depending on the features you are interested in and your budget, a smartwatch can either provide you with basic functions and a few apps or a wide range of features.

Regardless, your smartwatch should be able to run apps, open notifications, answer/display phone calls, or respond to your voice commands without lagging or error.

Bluetooth Capability

Another vital facet to contemplate is that the Bluetooth property of a wise watch. Most smartwatches pair with your smartphone via Bluetooth to display any incoming calls or notifications you may have received on your smartphone. If you’re looking for a smartwatch that pairs seamlessly with your phone, you’ll want to ensure that the smartwatch you’re considering is able to perform this feature and does so without error.

Ensure that the sensible watch is compatible together with your phone sort 1st. Then examine if this sensible watch provides full Bluetooth property. Does your smartwatch show you incoming calls? Display message and notification alerts? Play music from your phone? Consider conjointly the Bluetooth version of the sensible watch and Bluetooth vary.

There are three current versions of Bluetooth applicable to smartwatches: 3.0 (25 Mbit/s, 10 meter or 33 ft range), 4.0 (25 Mbit/s, 60 meters or 200 ft range) and 5.0 (50 Mbit/s, 240 meters or 800 ft). Depending on your needs, you should consider what is the most suitable Bluetooth version for you. To note, the 5.0 Bluetooth version is presently the quickest and most advanced version of Bluetooth for natural philosophy (such because of the sensible watch), allowing for seamless pairing between devices.

Operating Systems

When shopping for a smartwatch you should consider the type of Operating System ( OS) the smartwatch has to ensure that it is supported by your smartphone and will connect and work smoothly with it. There area unit several OS platforms obtainable on sensible watches, allowing you to use your smartwatch by itself.

However, if you want to use your smartwatch in a partner with your phone, you have to consider if the smartwatch OS is compatible with your type of phone. If you have an iPhone, for example, you can most obviously use the Apple Watch which contains WatchOS. WatchOS is a subset of iOS (the sole operating system for iPhones) and must work in part with an app that is installed on your iPhone.

Note the Watch OS cannot run the app on its own. As for Samsung smartphones (or Androids in general), there are smartwatches that contain the OS Android Wear. Note that Android Wear OS is designed to be paired with Android smartphones (version 4.3 and up). If the smartwatch you’re considering uses Android Wear, ensure that your smartphone is one, an Android, but also running on version 4.3 or higher.

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